Elena Camuffo | Ph.D. Student


Computer Graphics, Vision, and Deep Learning enthusiast.
Elena is a second-year Ph.D. student at the University of Padova. She is currently spending her period abroad at Samsung Research UK.
She received her MSc in ICT for internet and multimedia summa cum laude in 2021, and her BSc in information engineering in 2019.
Her main research interests lie in the intersection of Vision and Graphics in three-dimensional data processing.
She focuses on advanced learning strategies (continual learning, coarse-to-fine learning, domain adaptation) for 3D semantic scene understanding. Moreover, Computer Graphics and extended reality systems also address her interest.

Phone (office): +39 049 827 7774

Research areas

Semantic Scene Understanding

Semantic Scene Understanding aims at recognizing objects dealing with dense labeling of input data. I mainly focused my research on investigating this task, both in 2D (images), 3D (point clouds), and Multi-Modal settings.

Continual Learning

Advanced learning strategy aiming at training a neural network continually, progressively changing set of classes, domains, or tasks. I investigated this technique in LiDAR Semantic Segmentation.

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics develops models from a computer-driven process. It is commonly used in animation movies and video games. I developed this topic in my activity as a teaching assistant, and I am willing to focus more on it in the future.

Extended Reality

The term groups all the projections of virtual 3D objects to the user that extend its world. It comprises Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. I led research on LOD Optimization for XR Systems and Applications to Medical Therapy.



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Barbato, Francesco; Camuffo, Elena; Milani, Simone; Zanuttigh, Pietro

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